Sourcing Partners and Business Development Consulting

We offer tailored business consulting solutions to businesses in the packaging industry – and help them expand their business. We form a bridge to connect suppliers, converters, and brands and build solid relationships as a reliable sourcing partner. As a business consultant, our technical team offers technical know-how – with a clear picture of EX, OTR, barriers, etc. 

Business development partners for Suppliers

We work with packaging suppliers and help reach a global market to sell our raw materials. We also provide business consulting to our suppliers to help them grow.

Ease of doing business

We open doors for suppliers to build partnerships across the world to sell their Speciality Raw Materials. Through Business Development Consulting, we provide market information to help supply materials even to businesses far away. We also give a clear understanding about the usage of different raw materials.

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Sourcing Partner for Convertors

We are dedicated to supplying Specialty Raw Materials to the converters according to their individual requirements. We also provide a clear vision of product design to the converters.   

Sourcing Materials

We source niche Class C and D range products from the best suppliers in the world for converters, based on the type of raw materials they want. Thus, we strive to become a valuable partner and constantly explore new partnerships globally, besides helping with designing. 

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Technology driven partner for Brands

From sourcing the right raw materials for the right products to offering information on the best technology in vogue – we are the go-to platform for brands looking for packaging solutions.


We develop a reliable relationship with brands through technology-driven partnerships using the latest developments. We offer custom solutions to their packaging material needs and provide valuable consulting regarding ideal raw materials, machines and tools required for designing, application.

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Circular Economy

We understand the importance of regenerative properties of raw materials and packaging products and support circular economy by ideating on the  reuse of materials. With a clear picture in mind, brands can strive for greater sustainability – with our assistance.

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